Worshipful Company of Carmen

St Dunstan's Heritage Trust


The Old School and Carmen’s Hall

The church
There has been a church on this site in Fleet Street for over a thousand years and
St Dunstan in the West was demolished in 1829 and rebuilt in the 1830s.

The school
The Old School was built in 1834, housed a 1705 mathematical school and a 19th century school for girls.

The clock
High on the church is the 1671 two giants’ clock, the first London public clock with a minute hand – the two giants strike the hours and quarters and turn their heads.

The Queen
Guarding the school, above the entrance, stands the only surviving London statue of Queen Elizabeth I, from 1586, installed in 1760 and relocated here in 1839.

The King
Inside the School stand the mythical founder of Lundon, King Lud and his two sons.

The writers
Fleet Street is the historic home of news media, Izaac Walton’s Compleat Angler and Milton’s Paradise Lost were published in the churchyard and Pepys worshipped here.

The killer
Next door at number 186 lived and worked demon barber Sweeney Todd in 1780, his victims’ remains allegedly passed through the crypt to Margery Lovett’s pieshop.

The bones
Carman builders have discovered a hitherto unknown 1660s relocated plague burial beneath the new lift shaft, and steps to another bone-strewn space in the courtyard.


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