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5th September 2019

New mains services connections being installed in the courtyard - further discoveries had been made. Holes carefully drilled through the existing structures.

9th August 2019

The major roof works have now been completed, and scaffolding removed, so the building is now completely weatherproof, and this essential stage of the repair and restoration of the Old School concluded.

11th June 2019

That looks brighter, the external walls to Hen and Chicken Court have been cleaned, prepared, and now redecorated. A brighter outlook for our new neighbours at D C Thomson and more light for us.

Keeping us dry - new heavy duty traditional lead gutters have been installed around the main roof.

31st May 2019

Excavations beneath the lift shaft site revealed an unknown vault and multiple bones.

The shaft structure was revised, and it is in place, with the lift car installed.

22nd May 2019

The roof works progressed despite unexpected faults necessitating extra repairs.

Ducting work outside the building, so multiple services could be supplied, revealed more surprises – steps, more underground space and remains- delaying work while archaeologists assessed the finds.

14th May 2019

As we excavate the churchyard remains of old burial vaults from the previous church appear. Delays whilst the Archaeologists record the finds and then careful backfilling to preserve them for future generations

18th April 2019

The new prefabricated lift shaft is installed as self-supporting steel structure brought in from Spain.

12th April 2019

The new new lift shaft openings being installed through the existing floors.

13th March 2019

The lift base concrete is cast and the structural timber repairs to the roof are nearly complete enabling the new lead and slates to be installed.

4th December 2018

Works are now under way with the scaffolding and temporary roof in place to keep everything dry whilst the roof is stripped, repaired and recovered. As one would expect with a building on this age, we have some local timber repairs and strengthening to carry out before the new welsh slates, lead gutters and lead flat roof are installed as befits our Grade 1 listed building. The roofing works should be complete during February enabling the internal repair and refurbishment works to commence below.

One of the first tasks in the New Year will be the excavation of the pit and foundations for the new lift serving our offices above. That will be closely followed by the installation of our own new mains power and water supplies from Fleet Street, we will then have sufficient power to progress with the lift installation


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